Six Subhash Wankhedes contesting from Hingoli

Six Subhash Wankhedes contesting from Hingoli

As many as six Subhash Wankhedes are contesting the elections from the Hingoli seat of Maharashtra's Marathwada region.

This is creating a confusion among the voters and has left the Congress candidate worried.

To give a background, in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, Congress candidate Rajiv Satav defeated Subhash Wankhede of the Shiv Sena.

While Satav got 4,67,397 votes, Wankhede landed up with 4,65,765 votes— a margin of just  1,632 votes.

This time, Satav, who is now the AICC general secretary in-charge of Gujarat, has backed out of the polls, since he would have to spend time in Gujarat.

To replace Satav, the Congress roped in Wankhede (who lost last time) and has fielded him against Hemant Patil of the Shiv Sena.

To his surprise, Wankhede found that there are five others by the same name among the list of 28 candidates.

Besides Subhash Bapurao Wankhede of the Congress there are other Subhash Wankhedes too — Subhash Nagorao Wankhed, Subhash Parasram Wankhede, Subhash Kashiba Wankhede, Subhash Maruti Wankhede and Subhash Vitthal Wankhede.

In the previous polls, there were a total of three Subhash Wankhedes

In the 2014 polls, Subhash Nagorao Wankhede got 6,284 votes and another Subhash Wankhede got 6,157 votes.

This means that besides Subhash Wankhede (then with the Shiv Sena), the other two by the same name garnered 12,421 votes, which is much larger than the winning margin.

 This has left the Congress candidate worried.