Mela encourages farmers to update knowledge: DC

Mela encourages farmers to update knowledge: DC

Krishi Mela encourages farmers to update their knowledge. The integrated farming will help farmers to overcome the loss unlike in present single crop pattern adopted by them, said Deputy Commissioner Priyanka Mary Francis.

She was speaking after inaugurating the two-day ‘Krishi Mela,’ organised by Zonal Agricultural and Horticultural Research Station-Brahmavar in association with University of Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences (UAHS), Shivamogga in Brahmavar on Saturday. Francis appealed to the farmers to take up integrated farming.

The demonstration duck farming, on 10 to 15 cents of land, shows how the fish waste can be used as food for ducks. The duck meat is also profitable, she said.

“The hydroponics fodder is generated in nine days which is less when compared to other fodder. The model dairy unit and compost culture is also indeed advantageous to the farmers.”

She said gram panchayats had been asked to convert waste into a compost manure. The integrated model of fish ponds and poultry shows how the integrated farming can be useful. She insisted that farmers make use of different programmes of the government which in turn would help them make farming profitable.

University of Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences (UAHS) Vice Chancellor Dr M K Naik said attempts were being made to create awareness among farmers about the benefits of integrated farming.

The “Mela helps in understanding cost effective cultivation using innovative farm technologies. According to a study, a farmer can live comfortable if he earns Rs 20,000 per month.”

He added that the University has entered into an memorandum of understanding with the Swaminathan Organisation to carry out research on possibilities of farming in saline water.