‘Men’s attitude important for safety of women’

‘Men’s attitude important for safety of women’

Safety of women depends on the attitude of men towards women, said Social activist Dr Sunitha Krishnan.

“It’s not how strong a woman is or how better she is equipped with, it’s the attitude of men towards women which determines women’s safety,” she said after inaugurating a campaign for ‘Save the Girl Child’ programme organised by Alva’s college in association with IQAC and Women Development Cell of the College.

“Sexual harassment is not only about rape, it involves comments, bad sight and gestures. From womb to tomb, a women undergoes a cycle of violence. The increase in rate of infanticide, foeticide, genital mutilation, domestic violence, marital rape, dowry harassment, widow abandonment is proof for it,” she lamented.

Narrating the incidents of child and prostitution victim’s rescue operation through her Foundation ‘Prajwala’ she said:“There are still many places in India where female feoticide is common. In many places there are incidents of adopting children and later selling them for organs.”

“Gender equity doesn’t mean women should follow footsteps of men, but it is the process of allocating resources, programmes and decision-making fairly. This requires ensuring that everyone has access to a full opportunities to achieve the social, psychological and physical benefits that come from
participating and leading in sport and physical activity,” she said.

Alva’s College Principal, Dr Kurien said: “In India top 3 arms, drug and women and child trafficking are three top sources of income for a few. This racket has become a biggest trade in the world today.” 

Writer Gulabi Bilimale also spoke.