Chocolate in hues of patriotism

Chocolate in hues of patriotism

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Trio of republic chocolate

Getting into the hospitality industry was not a planned one. In fact, I wanted to be a doctor, just like my parents. I had even cleared my exams.
One of my friends was then pursuing hotel management. One day I visited his college to help him with one of his practical project.

There was an instant connection that I felt looking at everything they were doing. I was so inspired that I didn’t join medical college. Instead, I went ahead and joined a hotel management college. My interest blossomed when I found myself doing new and different things every day. I was always inclined towards things that call for a lot of creativity.

I used to stay with my grandparents during high school days and learnt the basics of cooking from my grandmother.  

Coming from a family of doctors, it was very difficult to convince my parents about why I am joining hotel management. Many weren’t aware of this profession those days. Having said that, he always told me to follow my heart.

It took me two years to convince them and today they are extremely proud of me.   

In my culinary journey, I look up to chef Diter. He is someone who believes in keeping it simple and I follow that in most of my cooking. 

One of the dishes that I regularly made was ‘Garadu’, a dish popular in my hometown, Indore. It is a root vegetable available during winters. It is a very easy recipe and one can enjoy it with ‘bhel’.  

I am a vegetarian and my favourite dish is ‘khichdi’. It is something that I am never bored of.

‘Khichdi’, green leafy vegetables and plain ‘dal-chawal’ are my comfort food. 

This Independence day I thought of creating something sweet and colourful. The ‘Trio of Republic Chocolate’ is rich, chocolaty and decadent. 

Fall in love with it from the first bite and celebrate the day with your loved ones.  

Trio of republic chocolate


Milk,100 ml

Fresh cream, 400 ml

Sugar, 100 gm 

White chocolate, 100 gm 

Gelatine leaves, 12 gm 

Double cream, 300 gm

Orange crush, 100 ml

Litchi puree,100 ml

Kiwi crush, 100 ml


1 Pour cold water into a small bowl and stir in the gelatin leaves. Keep aside.

2. In a saucepan, stir together, milk, fresh cream and sugar, and set over medium heat. Bring to a full boil.

3. Pour the gelatin mix and white chocolate into the cream, stir until completely dissolved. Cook for one minute. Now, remove from heat and let it cool for one hour. At last, fold whip double cream with the cream mixture.

4. Divide the mixture into three parts, then mix each one with orange crush, litchi puree and kiwi crush.

5. First, pour kiwi mixture into individual shot glasses and set for 1 hour. Then, continue the same processes for litchi and orange mixture.

6. Chill the dessert overnight before serving. Serve it with fruits as you like.