Designer says city has young energy

Designer says city has young energy

Rahul Mishra

Fashion designer Rahul Mishra took part in Bengaluru ByDesign as a speaker. His presentation focused on the innovation in the production and consumption of fashion.

Metrolife caught up with the ace designer, and he further shares his thoughts on fashion trends and more.

Your experience at Bengaluru ByDesign...

I loved the spirit of Bengaluru, and I like what’s happening over there. It was quite good although I was there only for a few hours. After my presentation, I stayed and listened to the other speakers; it was quite moving and inspiring. I think these seminars are for an exchange of ideas, ideally. I am happy that I was there.

Where do you draw inspiration from for your collections?

For me, inspiration can come from anywhere; there is no fixed idea or palette. I often get inspired when I am in my garden with my daughter or when I am on holiday. I feel what God has created all around us is inspiring, and all we need to do is grasp it. Apart from that, some people like filmmakers or graphic artists and monuments, the culture and heritage, they all inspire me.

Some things you keep in mind while designing clothes for millennials?

The most important thing, to me, while designing is the purpose behind it; it is what decides the process. Everything is what I intend to do or more like why.

A fashion trend you wish had never come about...

I am the wrong person to ask this question. No fashion trend is that bad. It depends on the time and space you live in, as trends are created based on the wide acceptance, which happens because of the desire for change. I don’t think any trend that has come by is a bad one.
Right now, handloom is my favourite trend. There is a lot of appreciation for heritage and craft.

What are your thoughts about saris and their place in contemporary Indian fashion?

Saris are the most beautiful outfits in the world. So when we look at contemporary fashion like the evolving of handloom, saris never looked like that. There are a lot of designers putting together new stories for the sari. It is a good time although not a lot of women wear saris on a daily basis. Sari will stay forever, in a classic way.

What are your thoughts about the fashion scene in Bengaluru?

The city is kind of upmarket. I think there is great young energy; it’s wonderful. People are fashionable and love to experiment; they understand great designs. Overall, it is one of the most important fashion centres in India.

What are the things people should keep in mind while designing their wardrobe?

One has to focus on their personality and unique style. Trends are quite common and fairly visible everywhere. One has to remember how they can make oneself look unique.

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