A few cups of coffee is healthy, study suggests

A few cups of coffee is healthy, study suggests

Coffee is good for you but only when consumed in moderation, experts suggest

Recently, a study was published in the medical journal JAMA Internal Medicine, where researchers said people who drink two to three cups of coffee every day had about 12 percent lower risk of death compared to non-coffee drinkers.

The study included people aged between 38 to 73. As per a study that was previously published in the British Medical Journal last year, researchers studied more than 200 previous cases and suggested that drinking three to four cups of coffee can actually impact one’s health positively without causing harm. 

Though the study found a lower risk of liver disease and some cancers, and a lower risk of dying from stroke, they couldn’t prove coffee was the cause. However, too much coffee during pregnancy could be harmful is what the study confirmed. 

Factors such as age, if that person smoked or exercised could also be a factor that helped one lead a healthier lifestyle, experts suggest. 

Nutritionist Keertana Ramu says, “Coffee can tend to become an addiction if you have six to seven cups a day. It’s mostly working professionals who tend to have this habit. However, there is nothing wrong with having two to three cups day as it’s a good stimulus.”

She suggests that there are healthier ways of consuming coffee now. “There are a number of options available now, including using alternatives for sugar with jaggery, stevia etc. So any form of coffee, without overdoing it is a completely normal habit to have.” 

It’s advised that children above the age of 16 consume coffee. It’s not the best choice to give your children a cuppa as they already have the inbuilt energy in them that the caffeine is only going to aggravate it.

Justin Thomas, IT professional, consumes about five cups of coffee every day. He says, “Coffee has become a necessity because of the kind of work I do. Most often, I don’t get time to grab a meal, so coffee automatically becomes a substitute. As much as I want to bring about a change in the segment of my life, it seems hard with the work timing.” Keertana opines, “It’s best to somehow find a balance and not substitute caffeine with a meal as that will create digestive issues and eventually lead to hypertension. Don’t stop your coffee consumption, but just control it and balance it with a good meal three times a day.” 

Did you know?

  • Studies show that consuming coffee will help raise your metabolism and burn fat faster.
  • It helps prevent diabetes, or at least lower the risk of developing type-2 diabetes.
  • Thanks to the caffeine present, a cup (or more) of a coffee will sharpen your brain.

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