‘Finding Vajramuni’highlight is 8D song

‘Finding Vajramuni’highlight is 8D song

The film has an award-winning illustrator and Italian colourist on board to maintain ‘dark’ theme.

M G Srinivas in ‘Birbal Trilogy Case 1: Finding Vajramuni’.

Crime-thriller film ‘Birbal Trilogy - Case 1: Finding Vajramuni’, directed and acted by M G Srinivas, is all set to release coming Friday. The film uses distinct features like colouring and a 8-D song to make heads turn.

Srinivas wanted to work on a film which was not a romcom, like his earlier project ‘Srinivasa Kalyana’. “It is a dark film. I wanted to try new things so that I don’t get branded. After we decided on the script, the film demanded a lot of collaborations which needed quite a few interactions,” he says.

The posters of the film have been done by award-winning illustrator Ankur Patar from Australia. Italian colourist Walter Cavatoi worked on the colour grading of the film.

“Since the theme of ‘Birbal’ is dark, many colours couldn’t be used. The script was sent to the colourist so that he could understand the colour palette that was needed for the film. The film has maintained a particular mood. Execpt for the song ‘Ragini Madam’, which has Indian colours in it,  the rest of the film has a Western touch with a bluish and greenish tone,” he adds. 

While many big-budget movies have hired a motion control camera to explore time-freezing, the film’s crew explored it without the equipment. “Using the camera for a low-budget film is not a possibility. From the blood splash to the movement of raindrops, we have depicted time freezing in a unique way.”   

A 8D song will be another highlight of the film. “When you listen to a song, it usually has two channels - left and right. In this song, we have explored four more channels on each side -- front, back, up and down,” adds Srinivas. 

“Birbal has it all. The film will be new and known for its technicalities. The 8-D song is the title song and doesn’t have a video to it. But the technicality will make it stand out,” he says.

The film has only two songs. “It was a conscious effort to not have too many songs. Having music in the movie just for the sake of it dampens the story. Inserting songs into ‘Birbal’ would have taken its appeal away,” he says.