Ideas turning work wear into party wear

Ideas turning work wear into party wear

The Museum of Everything offers a glimpse into what goes into sustainable fashion

The Museum of Everything, at Kafnu (co-working space)on Residency Road, was a day-long curated melange of contemporary sustainable garments, jewellery, accessories, home decor, functional designs and artworks.

Curator Virja Shah, founder of Kit and Caboodle, and her co-curator Sarayu Hegde had put together for the Saturday show talents they describe as eclectic.

“We are working with a new wave of Indian designers who are young and don’t conform to trends, but offer alternatives that are sustainable yet edgy,” Sarayu explains.

She says many people are opening up to sustainable, non-trendy fashion.      

“There’s jewellery that is handmade by artisans using silk and there are bags made with upcycled material,” explains Sarayu.

The curators picked 15 designers for the show. “We have something for everyone. The clothes are designed in such a way that one can wear it through the day and convert it into evening wear by accessorising it well,” says Sarayu.

All designers at the show share the same ethos and approach to sustainable fashion, but their works aren’t similar, she observes.