In time with the music

In time with the music

In time with the music

Music lovers in the City gathered at Opus recently for Bacardi Weekender, a series of parties that are being held as a lead-up to ‘Bacardi NH7 Weekender’. 

Artistes like ‘Midival Punditz’ and Nucleya have previously performed at these events and this weekend, the line-up included Bangalore-based band Lagori as well as ‘The Raghu Dixit Project’. 

A large crowd gathered to watch the programme, which proved to be both energetic as well as the perfect way to kick off the weekend.

The members of Lagori pumped up the crowd with a line-up of songs from their first album, as well as more recent releases. 

Their unique style of fusing different genres of music was quite a crowd-puller, and plenty of people sang along and kept time with the beat. 

“We played predominantly originals, both from out first album as well as later. The crowd reaction was excellent — the fans knew what we had lined up for them and were calling out the songs in advance. There must have been 250 to 300 people there — it was packed. It’s always great to play in Bangalore,” says Geeth Vaz, from the band. They played some of their favourites, such as Boom Shankar and Ni Re Sa, which went down well with the audience. Duniya and Lagori, two of the newer songs that they played, were received well too. 

Fans of ‘The Raghu Dixit Project’ were in for a pleasant surprise — the artistes played a few of the songs from their upcoming album, which is yet to be named, so as to see the crowd’s reaction. 

“The crowd was absolutely great — the turn-out was more than what we expected because after all, it wasn’t a free party. It was heavily ticketed and prices were a bit steep but the venue was absolutely jam-packed. People were singing along from song one — I actually didn’t have to sing too much, the audience was doing it for me,” says Raghu.

By and large, the crowd’s reaction to the new album was a positive one. 

“Of course, we played some old favourites as well. We wouldn’t have been allowed to get off the stage otherwise,” he adds.