In cracker season, vets treat panicky dogs

In cracker season, vets treat panicky dogs

Deepavali is when pets need extra care and sensitivity.

With a new rule put in place by the Supreme Court, people will be allowed to burst crackers only between 8 pm and 10 pm this Deepavali season. That’s good news for pets: they don’t need scamper and hide under the couch all day.

Dr Ravi Kumar, veterinarian who practises in Malleswaram, says, “Dogs are like babies. They fear crackers and loud sounds.”

At his clinic, many dogs are brought in during the season. “They are excited, start barking, and have no control over their body. So we have to medicate them to calm them down,” he explains.

Tarangini Jayaram, pet owner, says, “My dog tries to sleep all through the hours they burst crackers. He still gets affected by the screeching sound of the rocket.”

Similarly, Col. Meshach Samson, another pet parent, had a dog that was terrified of cracker sounds. The family had to make a special scarf to cover her ears. “No animals, including dogs and cows, can be seen on those two or three days,” he says.

The Supreme Court is prompting people to use less polluting crackers, and Ravi says rules must be framed to protect animals from excessive sound.

Mrinal C, owner of a great Dane, says, “Our dog was never afraid of crackers but she would get excited. She really enjoys the sparklers.”

Dr Venkatesh K M, veterinarian with a clinic in RR Nagar, suggests pet owners use cotton to cover their pets’ ears so the noise is softer. “It is usually the dogs and cats that are most affected. Bigger animals like cows and sheep seldom come to the clinic,” he says.

Dr. N M Subramanyam, veterinary practitioner at Pets Veterinary Clinic, Banashankari says, “Crackers have a severe psychological effect on the pets, and can cause depression and psychosis.”

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