'Making music is an enjoyable process'

'Making music is an enjoyable process'

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'Making music is an enjoyable process'

British Indian award-winning music producer, arranger and rapper Baljit Singh Padam, aka Dr Zeus, is popular for his innovative, original and influential recording style. His work covers a wide range of authentic Punjabi and traditional styles with a fusion of urban beats cutting across various musical genres.

Dr Zeus always manages to weave extraordinary sounds and beats into something simple. His anthems such as ‘Kangna’, ‘Don’t Be Shy’, ‘Baby Doll’, ‘Lovely’, ‘Mitran De Boot’ and ‘Jugni Ji’ have topped the international music charts. He has also worked in a couple of Bollywood projects including ‘Happy New Year’.

His latest release is a brand new single called ‘Party Non-Stop’.  In an interview with Nina C George, Dr Zeus talks about his inspiration to create the song.

What inspired you to make ‘Party Non-Stop’?
Music is my passion and if I don’t work on songs everyday, I feel something is missing. ‘Party Non-Stop’ is all about energetic beats with limited vocals. The new track is soulful but full of energy. The minute you hear it, you’ll want to move.

Any favourite Indian musicians?
I have always admired the way Vishal Shekar put their music together. They have a beautiful style. I also think Honey Singh has been bold enough to take his art and style to Bollywood. I am a die-hard fan of R D Burman who has made some amazing music. He has inspired me on several occasions.  

Do you believe in originality or diversity?  
I believe in having a mix of both. There’s originality and diversity when you make music that sets a trend of sorts.

Do you like challenging yourself?
I enjoy the process of making music because it’s a wonderful learning experience. I am in competition only with myself to improve myself each time. I make sure that each of my songs have my signature style. Making music is an enjoyable process.

How would you describe your music?
Simple yet electrifying. It instantly makes you want to groove.

How was your experience of performing in Bengaluru?
I was nervous when I heard that I have to perform in Bengaluru during the release of my album ‘Kangna’. But I felt at ease after I went on stage because the crowd was really encouraging and that’s important for any musician.

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