Metrolife: Upendra back to films after political detour

Metrolife: Upendra back to films after political detour


Upendra dedicated six months to giving his political outfit a definite form and shape. He has now bounced back into acting with his latest project, ‘I Love You’ where he plays the lead role. 

The film, that is directed and produced by R Chandru, draws its inspiration from Upendra’s philosophy of whether life or love is important. How love impacts people’s lives and whether anything called ‘true love’ really exists, forms the crux of the story.  

Upendra says that he was impressed with the way the director has approached the concept of love and romance. “The director looks at how today’s generation looks at love. We hear people talk about unconditional love. Ever wondered whether this kind of love really exists? Is it possible for two people to love each other unconditionally? The existence of permanent love between two individuals is also debatable,” Upendra told Metrolife. The actor says the director raises some important questions that are relevant to our times. 

Upendra portrays two distinct avatars. In one, he appears as a young man, and in the other, he transforms into a slightly older form. “The appearance and costumes for both looks have been worked on by Paramesh and Archana respectively. The hairstyles for both characters change according to the scene,” says Upendra. The actor says that the fight sequences are also going to be designed in a different format. “I have been asked to brace up for a tough fight sequence. I will first work towards getting a leaner look and then aim for gaining some weight for the second look,” adds Upendra. 

Upendra says that the story promises to be both entertaining and thought-provoking because of the way the subject of love has been explored. “It is not always that projects with love as a subject is designed in a different way. The director has made concerted efforts to explore love from all angles,” Upendra signs off.