Start-up delivers roses in boxes

Start-up delivers roses in boxes

A rose box designed by ‘Plush’.

A start-up based in Bengaluru specialises in delivering roses in boxes. The concept of gifting rose boxes is new and did not exist in India before 2017, according to entrepreneurs Anmol Bajaj,22 and Nydile Ranganath, 22, founders of ‘Plush’. Roses are usually delivered in bouquets.

“Luxury roses in a box is a Western concept and is popular in Europe and the US. Convenience is the advantage of sending roses in boxes,” says Nydile.

The boxes can be placed anywhere in the house and the flowers last up to seven days, she says.

The idea came when one of their friends, who owns a rose farm, suggested the unexplored concept to them. A few months later, here they are with ‘Plush’.

They set up their business with the savings from their previous jobs as a corporate professional and an interior designer.

They have their boutique in Le Meridian and warehouses in Frazer town and Vijay Nagar. ‘Plush’ employs 8-16 people to pack roses, and 15 boys to deliver them.

“When we started, a lot of people began copying our business and that was the biggest challenge. However, they did not succeed and eventually died out. Apart from that, we have small unpredictable problems”, says Nydile

The girls pretty much do everything that comes their way but to categorise, Anmol handles the PR and marketing aspect and Nydile looks after the execution, HR and finance departments.

‘Plush’ delivers to all parts of Bengaluru. Boxes are customised and prices vary from Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000.

The roses are also part of ‘pamper boxes,’ packed with macaroons, bath salts, and personal luxury items.

‘Plush’ offers the usual rose colours, as also roses in black, blue, gold and silver. “Clients gift roses to their moms, girlfriends, boyfriends, friends and for special occasions. A majority of orders are for birthdays, with numbers created from flowers adding a special touch. The everlasting rose that we import from Ecuador is our biggest milestone,” says Nydile.