Asian cuisine with a twist 

Asian cuisine with a twist 

Ebi and Maguro sushi comes highly recommended at this newly-opened restaurant

On Level 21 of Four Seasons at Embassy One on Bellary Road, overlooking the twinkling lights of the city is Far & East. The newly-opened restaurant serves traditional Japanese, Thai and Chinese cuisines with a contemporary twist.

Notable of these dishes is the ‘Sichuan chicken hotpot’. The wok work of the chefs was impressive as well. The ‘Gaeng Karee Pak Ruam’ which is a stir fry with cashewnut, pineapple, Asian vegetables and yellow curry comes highly recommended. ‘Ebi’ and ‘Maguro’ (shrimp and tuna) are the popular sushi choices. The ‘Volcano Maki’, an interpretation of sushi, is torched tableside. The char brings out refreshing flavours in the sushi. The menu is crafted by three chefs — Chef Atsushi Yonah, Chef Leong Then and Chef Stephane Calvet.

Chef Yonah has the Fugu license coveted by blowfish chefs skilled in the culinary arts. The license which takes years of commitment and practice to
attain, serves as a testament to his skills.  

Several dishes listed on the menu have such interactive elements that makes dining here a pleasant experience. 

The restaurant also serves a variety of sake, a Japanese drink made from fermented rice, that goes well with the food. They also serve Asian-inspired cocktails. Tom Yummy’, for example, is a cocktail that has been inspired by the Thai ‘Tom Yum soup’. It is a hot and sour tequila-based drink.

The restaurant also has an interesting line of the artwork, interspersed with tangerines and olive greens that add to the decadent atmosphere.