New web series combines music, comedy and drama

New web series combines music, comedy and drama

Viu’s newly launched web series ‘Banned’, based in the backdrop of Sirsa, revolves around a group of talented friends who have formed a music band. The story takes a turn when the music makes way for artistic expression, rebellion and political statements, turning these unsuspecting boys into national heroes. 

Rajitha Menon caught up with Deepak Kalra and Sahil Anand, actors in the series, to find out more.

We have had series based on music before. What makes this different?

Deepak Kalra: The humour of the series. Music plus light-hearted comedy is a rare combo. 

Sahil Anand: In Banned, a viewer can get a sense of multiple genres, along with the music. It will make the audience laugh, cry and feel deeply.

How was the experience of shooting for it?

Deepak Kalra: The director Ashish Shukla was a driving force for all of us. There were times when we shot for 24 hours straight but he made it all fun.

A fun moment from the sets?

Deepak Kalra: Shooting in a real jail was quite fun and scary at the same time. It was a juvenile jail and the kids over there are really smart.

Why should one watch this series?

Deepak Kalra: This series works as a stress relief, which is needed in today’s times. You can watch the show and laugh out loud. 

Sahil Anand: It is a combination of many emotions and provides the viewer with a love story, comic scenes, intense and heart-touching moments. It also has four full-length songs, which has not been seen in any other series before. 

What are the necessities to become an actor?

Deepak Kalra: One should be a good observer; observe everything and mix it with your own style. Personally for me, spontaneity always works. 

Sahil Anand: Be dedicated to your work, focus on it and work as hard as possible.

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