Sindhu’s ‘I Am 30’ goes viral

Sindhu’s ‘I Am 30’ goes viral

‘I Am 30’ is about the pressure to marry. About 1.15 lakh people saw it in just four hours.

Actor Sindhu Loknath has created a buzz online with her short film ‘I am 30’, which has gone viral with 1.15 lakh views in just four days.  The short film is based on Keerti, a young professional who is 30-years-old and is unmarried. She is continuously under pressure from her family and the society to “settle down”. 

Inspired by her own story, the actor says she was going through immense pressure herself when she decided to pen the story down in February 2017.

“I was just writing it down as I went through it. I never thought the material would someday materialise into a film. My friends encouraged me to make into a movie as they wanted the world to understand the strong message,” says Sindhu. “A lot of my friends and I went through the same challenges and dilemmas. It was not just about losing one’s independence. Most of us were not sure about taking the plunge,” says Sindhu. Sindhu adds that she wanted to communicate to people that “marriage isn’t a small decision, to be tried and tested”. “There is a lot of thinking involved in it and marriage is a decision which affects the next 30 or 40 years of one’s life. I remember having sleepless nights when I went through the same phase,” she adds.

“The worst part is when your neighbours and relatives all start pushing for ‘good news’. Immediately pressure builds up among parents and they start nagging even more,” says a concerned Sindhu. 

The short film is produced by Sindhu and is directed by V Vikas. The cinematography is done by Vikram Yoganand, who directed the actor in the recently released movie ‘Heegondhu Dina’.

“We delayed the release of the short film due to many reasons, one of which was that we didn’t want it to be confused with ‘Heegondhu Dina’, which was also a female-oriented project,” says Sindhu.

The movie aims to pass on a message to both parents and their children, she says. “The movie intends to say that one should not marry for the wrong reasons. Marriage is a personal choice and that is how it should continue to be,” adds Sindhu.