Try these desk-friendly exercises

Try these desk-friendly exercises

These simple exercises can be done sitting or standing at your work station.

Working from home means setting up a workstation on any available surface. Sitting in front of a computer for long hours everyday can lead to stiffness and pain, especially in the neck and shoulders. Try these exercises that you can do sitting or standing at your desk.

Arm pulses

Work your triceps and stretch out your shoulders with this exercise. Stand at your desk with your arms at your sides and your palms facing backwards. Pulse your arms backwards for 20 seconds, while trying to keep the arms as straight for as long as possible. For greater intensity, use a resistance band and try to repeat as many times as possible. 

Spinal twist

Sitting at a desk with little-to-no variation can also strain the lower back. While seated, cross your arms over your chest and grab your shoulders. Rotate your upper body at the waist gently. Turn as far as you feel comfortable. While you should be able to feel a slight tension on both sides of your lower back, it is important that you do not strain your back as you stretch. 

Calf raises

Stand up behind your chair and hold onto the back for support. Make sure that your chair is stable before you begin. Gently raise your heels off of the floor until you are standing on your toes. Hold for ten seconds and slowly lower yourself to the floor. Be careful to do so gently, without putting pressure on your ankles. Do a set of ten and repeat thrice.

Chest stretches

Keeping your arms straight, clasp your hands behind your lower back. Push your chest outward and hold for two to three deep breaths. For a deeper stretch, push your arms as straight as they can go, without straining your shoulders. 

Lower ab leg lifts

While sitting down, straighten your back and plant your feet firmly on the floor. Slowly lift one leg at a time, without moving your torso and looking straight ahead. If you want something more challenging, brace your hands on the arms of the chair and lift both legs at the same time. 

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