KGF a spectacular film, says Vasishta Simha

KGF a spectacular film, says Vasishta Simha

Vasishta N Simha

KGF’ has been creating a buzz in Sandalwood for some time now. Vasishta N Simha plays a pivotal role in the film. Known for portraying grey characters, he is excited that he is part of such a big project. In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, he sheds light on the film and more.

Define ‘KGF’ for the audience. 

The film, which is set in the 70s and 80s, is a fictional tale but it will manage to make the audience believe that it is real. It is a visual treat and an experience that one hasn’t had so far in Kannada cinema.

From action sequences to the dialogues and the background music, everything is special about the movie. The conviction the director had in the film speaks for itself.

Everyone will love Yash in it. Once the audience is in the theatres, they are sure to be just glued to their seats.

Tell us a bit about your character.

I have to keep my lips sealed about my character. As one would have guessed, I am playing a baddie, but in a strikingly new avatar.

There are many dimensions to my character which will definitely impress film buffs.

How has the journey been till now?

From being someone who knew nothing about films to being seen in films back to back, I believe I am lucky. Every character has been different and I can vouch that my character in this movie is also very different.

How is your role different from the others you have done so far?

I credit the director Prashanth Neel for making my look and the way I talk starkly different from everything else I have done. My role is not as loud as in ‘Mufti’ but I play a confident person who is the boss of himself. My character is of a pampered and rich person who has a task to attain. 

You’ve acted with Yash in ‘Raja Huli’. Was the experience in ‘KGF’ any different?

His dedication and passion towards movies cannot be measured. Yash is a powerhouse; he is very focused and knows a lot about cinema, even from the audience’s perspective.
The way he involves himself in every project is inspiring. I used to admire him a lot when I was working with him in ‘Raja Huli’ as he is the perfect professional and co-star who anyone would want to work with. 

Do you feel that ‘KGF’ will change your career?

I would like to say that the film will change things for Kannada cinema itself. The movie will be more than just a trendsetter.

You have a passion for singing. Are there any new songs you have sung?

I sang a number for an upcoming Kannada film ‘Bhramaka’, which is the only song in the film. I also sang a beautiful song for ‘Rajeeva’, a film about farmers.