Men can flaunt a designer bag too

Men can flaunt a designer bag too

Bags can make a great statement piece. Here are a few quick ways to upgrade your outfit

Every man needs a designer bag. No, no. Listen to me, every man needs to own and wear a designer bag with pride. Do you understand how much, as a woman, I can fit in my bag? It’s like Mary Poppins in there. I’m talking about purse, keys, phone, hairbrush, snacks, pen, paper, extra snacks.

It is amazing just how many “essentials” you can bring with a bag, yet men tend to stick to their pockets and nothing else. Well, we say no more! Here’s why you deserve a designer bag; and all the ways you can wear one.

The space 

Also known as a “murse,” (trust me on that one) the man bag is no longer a novelty. Instead, see your bag as a practical companion in your day-to-day existence. You can fit everything you need in a bag and more, and it makes your outfit look smarter no matter what you’re wearing because you won’t have any bulging pockets.

When you have a lot to pack for that sunny day out, why not opt for a satchel? If Indiana Jones can pull it off, you can too. We recommend you wear your satchel low on one shoulder and not cross body – unless you’re the postman.

Upgrade every outfit 

Bags can make a great statement piece and are a quick way to upgrade your outfit. When I say “bag” please don’t immediately confuse the term with “purse.” Paris’s 2018 fashion week saw dozens of men sporting all sorts of different bags – from tote to bum bags.

If you want to carry a bag but you’re not sure what suits you, we recommend you stick to basics and wear a backpack to more events. Worn correctly, with colours complimenting your outfit; a designer backpack can be practical and add that finishing accessory to your outfit.

Different bags for different occasions

That’s right, men, you can have multiple bags for different occasions! I’m talking gym bags, work bags (otherwise known as a briefcase, I suppose), shopping (tote) bags, laptop cases, carry on bags. The only limit is your imagination. So take full advantage of the situation you’re in by wearing the one that matches. 

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