Yuvin believes in original work

Yuvin believes in original work


Three years in the film industry provided enough time for young director Yuvin to sharpen his skills as a writer and director. The young director will soon debut with ‘Mangalavaara Raja Dina’. It hasn’t been an easy journey so far but Yuvin says that he’s learnt a great deal. In an interview with Metrolife, Yuvin talks about his directorial debut and the challenges he faced along the way.   

What inspired you to become a filmmaker? 

Upendra is my biggest inspiration and he is the reason I took to direction. 

If you get an opportunity to remake a movie which one would it be?

I will never remake a film. When I have the opportunity to work on new concepts and tell new stories, why would I want to work on the same old things again. 

Could you tell us about your latest project?

My latest project ‘Mangalavaara Raja Dina’ is based on a barber’s life. It traces the journey of a barber who is on his way to find a goal and something good happens to him on a Tuesday, which is otherwise considered inauspicious by the barber community.

Could you recount any hilarious incidents that happened on the sets? 

Many funny things took place during the shoot. The best one was when there was a hair cutting sequence where actor Gopi had to act like he was cutting a person’s hair. The actor was so involved in his character that he literally started cutting the hair of the person sitting on the chair. Even to this day, we still laugh when we think about it. 

Any book you would like to adapt into a film?

There’s a book called ‘Karma’ by Karanam Pavan Prasad which is one of my favourites. I would like to adapt that into a film someday.

Have you learnt filmmaking?

No, I haven’t been to any institute. I learnt everything on the job. I have worked with a few directors and I have picked up some interesting lessons from each of them. I have also managed to sharpen my technical skills along the way. A filmmaker must be able to visualise and imagine his scenes. He will then surely come out with something unique and original.

An actor you would like to direct?

I would like to direct Puneeth Rajkumar, Yash or Sudeep. I have always been very keen to work with Sudeep sir.

Your plans...

I want to work on a multi-starrer film. I have the script ready. The story revolves around planets and has bits of astronomy as well.