Platform to narrate untold stories

Platform to narrate untold stories

Vikas Badiger

‘Faces of Bengaluru’, a social media page started by photographer Vikas Badiger, narrates the stories of unrecognised contributions of people.

The page not only talks about the success stories, but also the struggles and accomplishments, highs and lows. “We talk about stories that serve as an inspiration to many out there,” shares Vikas.

“Listening to stories was a part of my childhood. As a photographer, I wanted to document these untold stories,” he adds.

“Our mission is to capture every face of Bengaluru and bring their stories in front of the world,” he elaborates. The page was started in 2016 and has documented around 62 stories. The concept has reached a wide range of people.

A piece on N Someshwar’s ‘Thatt Antha Heli’ on DD is one of the featured stories on the page, and Vikas reveals that it his favourite.

“The show is running for more than two decades now, encouraging youngsters to read books. He is indeed an inspiration to many,” he adds.