Samyukta depicts elements of nature in photo shoot

Samyukta depicts elements of nature in photo shoot

Samyukta has posed for pictures to depict elements like fire, air, water and earth.

Actor Samyukta Hornad is unlike your regular heroine. Striking a balance between her work and passion, the actor makes it a point to connect with people through her writings, dance, films and photo shoots. The shoots, which she does at least once a year, have a unique theme every time. 


Samyukta’s recent photo shoot is pegged around the five elements of nature or the ‘Pancha Bhoota’ — land, water, air, sky and fire. The young lady has put together a unique photo for each of these elements.


Talking about her concept, Samyukta says “It is said that human beings are an amalgamation of the elements present in nature. But there’s one element that dominates you and you then begin to portray the traits of that element. This
series throws light on that trait, be it the fluidity of water or the warmth of fire.”

She points out that every photo has a definite character to it. Like how the photo shoot for ‘fire’ shows how the soul gets empowered from within. “The fire that burns within does not singe your soul, it empowers you. If you want to be the sun, you have to burn like it,” says Samyukta.

Explaining the thought that went into creating the series on water, she says, “There’s dishonesty in the world and it takes the shape of the person that it is in it; just like water.”



When it comes to depicting the power of earth, Samyukta points out that a women are one with nature. “Camouflaged amidst the greenery, when a woman thrives, she thrives. A woman can be strong and stable but she is also tender, vulnerable and emotional. However, her vulnerability should not be misunderstood for weakness. It is, in fact, her strength,” she says.

When depicting ‘air’, Samyukta, portrays the love between a woman and her man. She says what is evident is the emotional connection between two souls.   

The team involved in bringing out this feature included Bindya Kannappa who has clicked the photos. Production is by Aditya Patil. The stylist is Suucheta Mittraa and Mua and hair is by  Ambreen Vikhar.