Shaking a leg to the cricket sonata

Shaking a leg to the cricket sonata

Jhatkas and matkas have become an integral part of the IPL. Is Bollywood really needed or is it taking away from the sport?

Mega cricket seems to be incomplete without heavy duty Bollywood presence

Dance and drama, cheers and applause, all came together with the fifth season of Indian Premier League. The opening in Chennai saw Kareena Kapoor’s nakhras and  the recent opening of Subrata Roy Sahara Stadium saw Priyanka Chopra’s moves. From owning the cricket teams through auction to cheering for them... Bollywood is all over IPL.

Many swear by the fact that like the crucial nature of spices in curry, Bollywood is now essential for IPL. The spectators are expecting celebs. The cricketers oblige them by walking in hand in hand with them and, the whole talk between you and me, veers around who is going to perform when. But wait! Doesn’t that mean Bollywood is really taking away the attention from the sport?  Metrolife explores the question of entertainment being paramount - never mind the event!!

The need for a spirited game clean bowls everybody including renowned cricketer Vinod Kambli. He feels that “Bollywood and cricket go hand in hand and Bollywood celebrities undoubtedly make the game more spirited and lively.” But why is this celeb involvement restricted to the IPL? “BCCI should allow Bollywood celebrities to perform in other matches as well, as even spectators are expecting them now.”

Is that true with the spectators as well? “Yes ofcourse,” says cricketer Atul Wassan who feels that “not only the spectators on the ground but also those watching the game from their homes await the entry of Bollywood celebrities as they are an enjoyable variant.”  But what about his point of view as a cricketer? “Bollywood presence is not required in IPL but is desirable as it adds glamour quotient to the whole game.”

Isn’t this desi drama taking the charm away from the game and Atul says, “Had it been a test match or one dayer, Bollywood would have been an eyesore but since 20-20 is the frivolous part of game, Bollywood does not decrease the importance of the sport.” Even yesteryears cricketer, Madan Lal is affirmative that the game will win eventually. The format of IPL is entertainment and “at the end of the day, cricket has to be played well to attract people’s attention.” He agrees that Bollywood adds flavour but also asserts, “At the end of the day, cricket is going to win, not Bollywood! Rest assured!”

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