Summer prints for men

Summer prints for men

The floral Hawaiian print has made its way back into the fashion world.

For the men who claim to not have a style but are secretly hoarding classic white shirts, ripped jeans and know that light coloured linen is a day affair, here are the top summer trends.

Vertical stripes

Stripes have always been a great go-to pattern for many men. A trend that can be easily incorporated into your everyday wear. What is great about vertical stripes is that they can help elongate your figure. Think nautical and stray toward hipster. There are whole range of striped tees in between the two genres.

Hawaiian print shirts

A trend that many did not see coming back, has now set in. The floral Hawaiian print has made its way back into the fashion world and fits perfectly for the spring and summer time. When you think of Hawaiian floral print you think extremely bold and colourful. But that doesn’t have to be the case in order to rock this trend. Hawaiian shirts are now donning smaller prints in subtle colours too.

Suits in unique colours

Spring and summer is a time to brighten up your wardrobe! Bright and colourful suits were a huge trend on the runway, but very impractical for the everyday man. But this statement can be translated well into a wedding ensemble or an afternoon soiree. Just pick a colour like a pastel pistachio or mustard yellow.

Checks are here to stay

I know what you’re thinking. Checks can’t come back because they never really went away. Technically you’re right, but while checks refuse to ever leave the menswear party, the wrong type can make you look, unfashionable.
There’s still a gap in style between a gingham ‘going out’ shirt for Friday night with the lads and a classic windowpane suit. The safest way to make checks work for you is to try larger or more complex motifs (think heritage, windowpane, Prince of Wales) on outerwear, knitwear, and trousers. To avoid giving innocent bystanders a headache, check yourself and make sure that the rest of your outfit is toned down.

The daddy look

Another trend that is making its way back into your closet is the Dad look. This consists of looser fit clothing such as jeans and shirts, rocking that old school plaid check sports coat, and throwing on a dad cap. You may just end up asking your old man to borrow some of his clothes.

Mountain wear

For all your mountain climbing, outdoor enthusiast, manly men, you’re more in style than you think! A big trend that walked down the runway this year was the mountain and outdoor looks. This consisted of rain jackets, cargo pants, and industrial looking backpacks; everything in terracotta, army green and khaki

Side-stripe trousers

Picture this: it’s the nineties, jeans are the ‘smart’ option, and there are more side-stripe trackies walking the streets than people. Now rub your eyes, because hey, it’s 2018 and the side-stripe revival is real. The proof that side-stripe trousers are no longer unacceptable for grown-ups was the fact that luxury designers went absolutely mad for them this season.
Basically, if you haven’t got lines down your legs for summer, you’re not doing menswear right.