Teachers who changed lives

Teachers who changed lives

Rakshit Shetty

Does Teacher’s Day remind you of mentors who tweaked your ears and got you to fall in line?

Here’s how it was for some actors in Bengaluru.

‘I couldn’t fool him’

Rakshit Shetty

I was a notorious student during my engineering days. Once, I got into trouble for not attending a lab exam. I had a wedding to attend in Mumbai and I presumed I would also be given grace marks. I got a zero. I called Parashuram sir, head of the epartment, posing as my father. The story was that I was in hospital, bleeding from the ear. He recognised my voice. I skipped the wedding and headed back. I wrote an apology letter. Parashuram sir forgave me. Later, when I had to work on a project, he was impressed by my dedication. I fondly remember him and how he Events today mademe turn a new leaf.

‘I stopped telling lies’


I never wanted to study. Leelavathi ma’am was our headmistress and she was strict. She would often ask why I didn’t study well or complete my assignments in time. I would cook up some excuse or the other. There was this time when my father was called to school: I had left school saying I was ill and gone off to
my cousin’s place. She asked me never to lie again and I haven’t since that day. I was good at cultural activities and she appreciated that. I was surprised when I was awarded the best student prize in the 10th student. I realised Leelavathi maám was behind it. She believed in me more than I did in myself.

‘She made me persevere’

Sonu Gowda

My tuition teacher, Lakshmi maám, was strict. She would scold me for running around, playing pranks on others and annoying her. At one point, she wanted me to manage the juniors in class and teach them. It is then that I realised how taxing it was to be a teacher. I learnt to be more organised and diligent. When I entered the film industry, my family was against it but she encouraged me to live my life as I wanted to. Whenever I face a difficult situation, I remember her words.

‘Rita ma’am wrapped me in a sweater’

Krishi Thapanda

Most teachers in school and college disliked me, as I was quite a handful. My English teacher, Rita ma’am, always kept an eye on me. She would notice everything I did, and I would get punished for every small thing. Birthdays were when we could wear colour dresses to school and I wore a sleeveless polo tee with a nice pair of jeans. She scolded me and made me wear her thick woollen sweater the entire day. I was embarrassed and teased by all students. I almost hated her for this. But later, I realised she believed I had potential. She made me realise I was capable of doing big things when I had taken my life for granted.

‘She made me systematic’

Karthik Jayaram

I was a naughty and talkative student. My parents would often be called to school for my behaviour. My biology lecturer, Jagadamba K, often caught me when I wasn’t concentrating in class. Once, she told me to stand up on the bench and I refused. She made me stand in a corner. She would often lose her cool with me. When I was in college, she told me how important it was to devote time for studies and that is when I started paying attention. I always remember her for making me more systematic in everything I do.

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