Missing boat: Fishermen want CBI probe

Missing boat: Fishermen want CBI probe

Members of the Malpe Fishermen’s Association have demanded a CBI inquiry into the missing fishing boat ‘Suvarna Tribhuja’.

The fishermen would intensify their protest if the demand is not met within three days, they added.

Speaking to reporters, Association member Sathish Kunder said that in spite of repeated appeal to the elected representatives and bureaucrats in the region, they had received no response. “It has become a mystery to all that the seven fishermen who were on board have gone missing. Although other fishing boats tried their best to trace the missing boat, there has been no use so far,” he added.

“The fishermen had ventured into the sea on December 13 and had been in contact with others till 1 pm on December 15. All their mobile phones got switched off later. After 17 days, there is no trace of the boat,” Kunder reminded.

‘Possible hijack’

He said that the fishermen are fearing a hijack of the boat by the Goan or Maharashtra fishermen or even pirates and terrorists. “It has taken place for the first time on the coast. If the boat had been wrecked down, there would have been remains floating. The oil would have spread for nearly 15 kilometres, as each boat carries 5,000 to 8,000 litres of diesel,” he explained.

“The Association will hold a meeting on January 2 morning to decide the future course of action,” said Kunder.