Mobile app launched for better safety of women, kids

Mobile app launched for better safety of women, kids

The new app released by the Karnataka State Police has become the talk of the town.

The app is in news as it has proven to be an efficient measure to ensure women and children get immediate help for their safety.

The citizens are expressing appreciation of the fact that the state has such an app.

Two women, aged around 50 years, were seen begging along with two children in Mudigere town since Tuesday morning.

In the afternoon, the women had partaken of liquor and had fallen asleep outside a shop while the children were hungry and crying for food.

The passersby noticed this and provided food to the children.

They also called the concerned officials over telephone and informed them about the children.
Although they called officials of various departments, there was no response.

The matter came to the notice of the Magalamakki Ganesh, who is district president of the Kannada Sahitya Parishat. He also recalled an incident when Ashok, a constable, had informed in a meeting of the JCI about an app of the Police Department.

Ganesh took photographs of the poor state of the children and uploaded them on the app. The Police Department responded immediately to the call and assured that staff members would be sent to the place in a few minutes.

There was little time wasted as the police van arrived and inquired about the children. They Police Department staff members then contacted others and said that in 10 minutes’ time, staff members of the Child Development Department would arrive. They added that, in about 40 minutes, office-bearers of the Child Welfare Committee would be there.

Staff members of the district centre of the Committee arrived even earlier than expected and took charge of the children.

The officer of the Committee took the children and the women to the local police station for preparation of the records. The four
were then taken to the district centre of the Committee.

The citizens were impressed with the availability of information of every step taken by the authorities regarding the helpless children – starting from calling using the app till handing over of the children to the Child Welfare Committee officials.

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