BJP will weed out illegal immigrants: Shah

BJP will weed out illegal immigrants: Shah

BJP president Amit Shah beats a drum as the party begins its campaign in the poll-bound state, in Hyderabad, on Saturday. PTI

Blaming the Opposition for supporting entry of illegal Bangladesh immigrants through the porous borders, BJP chief Amit Shah said that his party will weed out all illegal entrants.

He was speaking at the launch of BJP campaign in Kothur of Mahbubnagar for upcoming Assembly election in Telangana. He alleged that the illegal entrants have not only altered the demography in certain states but also are usurping employment opportunities of the natives.

“We have made a start with Assam where we found out that there are 40 lakh such illegal residents and we tried to send them back. But the Congress, the Communists and the MIM objected, as it is against their appeasement policy. I am asking for the opinion of TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao whether he wants illegal immigrants to be sent back or not,” Shah said.

Hyderabad Liberation Day

Coming heavily on KCR for not celebrating September 17 as Hyderabad Liberation Day, Shah assured that the BJP, if given a chance to govern, will celebrate the Liberation Day officially. “We will celebrate the day in such a manner that the whole nation will watch in awe,” Shah said.

“KCR fears Majlis. Otherwise, why would he offer 12% reservation for Muslims despite knowing that Constitution doesn’t allow reservations beyond 50%,” he said.

He further made it clear that the BJP at the Centre will never allow reservations based on religion.

Give a chance to BJP

“If KCR feared to go for elections in May 2019, how can he win elections in December? Will there be a change in ground reality?” Shah asked.

He wanted to know how will a chief minister who has not entered the secretariat fearing vasthu-related problems can change the lives of the poor.

He said that the BJP has always taken bold decisions such as surgical strikes in POK. “India is third such country in the whole world that has the capability of striking the enemies on the other side of the border, in revenge of the killing of Indian soldiers,” Shah said.

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