Delhi tops in rape cases among metros

The national capital has topped in registration of rape cases among six metros in the country with over 450 such incidents reported last year alone.

A total of 453 rape cases were registered in Delhi followed by 221 in Mumbai, 97 in Bengaluru, 76 in Chennai, 59 in Hyderabad and 46 in Kolkata in 2011, according to a Home Ministry data.

As many as 414 and 404 cases of rape were registered in Delhi during 2010 and 2009 respectively.

In 2010, Mumbai Police registered 194 rape cases, Bengaluru Police 65, Chennai and Hyderabad Police 47 each while 32 cases were registered in Kolkata, the data said.
During 2009, 182 rape cases were registered in Mumbai, 65 in Bengaluru, 47 in Hyderabad, 42 in Kolkata and 39 in Chennai, it said.

Delhi has also earned a dubious distinction in terms of molestation cases as over 556 such incidents, the highest in six metro cities, were reported last year.

The national capital registered 550 and 491 cases in 2010 and 2009 respectively, the Home Ministry data said.

Mumbai is not far behind as 553 cases of molestation under the Indian Penal Code were registered by the police last year as against 475 in 2010 and 400 in 2009.

Kolkata Police registered 254 cases of molestation in 2011, 226 in 2010 and 201 in 2009.
A total of 250 molestation cases were registered in Bengaluru, 157 in Hyderabad and 73 in Chennai last year.

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