Elections bring windfall for Holi colour makers in Uttar Pradesh

Elections bring windfall for Holi colour makers in Uttar Pradesh

While it remains to be seen whose Holi is going to be colourful this year, the poll season seems to have brought much-needed cheer to the manufacturers of Holi colours and cannons in and around Uttar Pradesh.

According to a survey by trade body Assocham, the majority of manufacturers said they were doing brisk business.

“Though the Holi festival has been used by political parties across most parts of India to connect with the masses and bond with voters, the election season has certainly made it lucrative for colour manufacturers in and around Uttar Pradesh where this festival is celebrated the most,” said D S Rawat, national secretary general of Assocham, releasing the findings of the survey.

“Many people purchase colours, sprinklers and other such items in bulk for parties, but this time there is an element of excitement, owing to the poll season and results that would be out a day ahead of Holi,’’ the survey said, quoting traders.

Most of the shopkeepers said there had been a rise of up to 40% in the sales as many supporters were buying pichkaris (water guns), colours and merchandise plastered with different political parties’ symbols, and the demand for such items was growing by the day.

Interestingly, most of the manufacturers in the state and shopkeepers in cities like Delhi, Dehradun, Ludhiana and Patiala said they have stocked fancy cannons and colours as cadres of political parties
are contacting them with bulk orders for the festival on

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