Govt continue exemption given to Kodavas for arms

Govt continue exemption given to Kodavas for arms

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The Centre on Wednesday continued the exemption given to Kodavas of Coorg from obtaining a licence for firearms such as pistols, revolvers and double-barrelled shotguns.

"The arms or ammunition carried or possessed by any person being from Coorg by race and every jumma tenure holder in Coorg and herein exempted whilst residing or travelling outside the district of Coorg shall not exceed one rifle with 100 rounds of ammunition for the same and one smooth bore breech or muzzle loading gun with 500 cartridges or the equivalent in leaden shot and gunpowder," the notification said citing conditions of the exemption

"Those who have been given the exemption are every person of Coorg by race and every jumma land tenure holder in Coorg," according to a Home Ministry notification.

The exemption has been given for a tenure of 10 years, till 2029.

The Kodavas are the only community in the country who are exempted from obtaining arm licenses.

The Kodavas worship weapons during the 'Kailpodh' festival and the decision has been taken considering the cultural and religious sensitivities of the community that belongs to the Coorg region of the state.

The Kodavas have been getting the exemption of obtaining arms licence since the British era and the central government has provided the exemption in the Rules issued under the Arms Act, officials said.