UP cop: Leave needed to save marriage

UP cop: Leave needed to save marriage

One may have heard of people seeking leave citing illness or to attend some social or religious functions or personal works but a Uttar Pradesh cop cited an altogether different reason while applying for leave.

The cop told his bosses that his wife would "desert" him if he was not given leave.

Understanding the gravity of the situation, the bosses sanctioned leave to the cop.

According to sources the cop, who is a constable and posted in the state capital, wrote a letter to his boss requesting him to grant him leave for ten days.

''I have been working continuously for the past four months without taking any leave....my wife may desert me if I did not get leave to spend some time with her,'' he said in his letter requesting leave.

''My wife has asked me to come home for at least ten days or not to come at all,'' he said in the letter, seeking ten days leave.

The matter came to light when the letter written by the cop went viral on social networking sites.

According to sources, the cop was ultimately granted leave for ten days. After all the bosses could not have allowed the cop to be deserted by his wife for this reason.

One can only hope that his wife will now be happy and that she will not think of deserting him, at least in the immediate future.