Increase in Pakistan's nuclear arsenal worrisome: Indian Army chief

Increase in Pakistan's nuclear arsenal worrisome: Indian Army chief

"If the media reports are to be believed, I am told the the number (of Pakistan's nuclear weapons) is limited to 60 but it is increasing. So definitely, that is matter for concern," Kapoor told reporters here at the sidelines of a function.

Pakistan is possibly supplementing or replacing its current uranium-based nuclear weapons arsenal with plutonium-based weapons that are more destructive and easily deliverable, a US think tank said Thursday.

Kapoor also urged the global community to stop Pakistan's attempts to expand its nuclear arsenal beyond what it required for deterrence.

"Even if Pakistan is looking at deterrence, they require a minimum amount. But when you keep increasing it, it is a matter of concern....I think the world community should put the kind of pressure that is required for Pakistan to cap their nuclear weapons," he said.

Kapoor, however, asserted that India has the wherewithal to handle the spillover of developments in Pakistan.

Replying to a query whether the terrorist groups in Kashmir were regrouping, Kapoor said: "This kind of regrouping by jihadis will always continue to keep happening....I had said that this summer is going to be a testing time because we do expect them to try and enhance the level of infiltration to show that they can cause tremendous amount of damage and somehow reignite the (separatist) movement in the (Kashmir) Valley."

"But that is something we are determined to make sure doesn't happen. We have already taken a few steps to ensure that infiltration levels are minimised. Those who are able to come through, we are able to tackle them," he added.