India dismisses Pak allegation on use of cluster bombs

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The Government on Saturday dismissed as “lies and deceit” the allegations by Pakistan that the Indian Army had used cluster munitions along the Line of Control (LoC) targeting civilians on the other side and thus violated the Geneva Convention and the international laws.

As tension along the de facto border between the two neighbours escalated, Pakistan Army on Saturday released a picture of what it claimed to be evidence of cluster bombs used by the Indian Army on July 30 and 31 on civilians living in the territory of Pakistan. It also released pictures of civilians, including a child, who were allegedly injured by the so-called cluster bombs used by Indian Army.

The Indian Army dismissed the allegation saying that it had only been responding to the attempts by Pakistan Army to help terrorists cross over the LoC and sneak into the territory of India. A spokesperson of Indian Army also clarified in New Delhi that the responses by the soldiers were only directed against the military targets and the terrorists making attempts to sneak in from across the LoC.

“Use of cluster bombs by Indian Army violating international conventions is condemnable,” Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor, chief spokesperson of Pakistan Army, posted on Twitter on Saturday. “No weapon can suppress determination of Kashmiris to get their right of self-determination. Kashmir runs in the blood of every Pakistani. The indigenous freedom struggle of Kashmiris shall succeed.”

Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Foreign Minister of Pakistan, too took to Twitter to accuse Indian Army of using cluster bombs. “Strongly condemn the blatant use of cluster ammunition by Indian Security Forces targeting innocent civilians along the Line Of Control. This is a clear violation of the Geneva Convention and International Laws,” he tweeted.

“India in its war frenzy is not only sabotaging regional peace but also committing gross human rights violations along the LoC,” added Qureshi, urging international community “to take strict notice of the ongoing situation in IOK (India-Occupied Kashmir) and the LoC”.

Indian Army issued a statement in New Delhi saying that the allegations by Pakistan and its Army were “lies, deceit, and deception”. “Pakistan Army regularly attempts to push terrorists through infiltrations and opens up with a multitude of weapons to assist them. India, during numerous Directorate of Military Operations (DGMO) level talks, has maintained the right to respond. Such responses are only against military targets and infiltrating terrorists who are aided by Pakistan Army,” said the Indian Army.

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