KCR’s Cabinet expansion only after Sahasra Chandi Homa

KCR’s Cabinet expansion only after Sahasra Chandi Homa

Nearly 40 days after the Telangana Rashtra Samithi won the Assembly elections with a thumping majority, the state Cabinet with only a chief minister and home minister is waiting for auspicious days for the crucial round of expansion.

Chief Minister and TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao is expected to take up the exercise after his five-day “Maha Rudra Sahitha sahasra Chandi yagam” in his Erravelli farm house.

Known for his strong belief in religious rituals, KCR has so far conducted two such mega events including, the “Raja Syamala Yagam” before the recent elections and “Ayuta Chandi yagam” three years ago aimed at making Telangana prosperous.

Notwithstanding the criticism by Opposition parties the chief minister believes that the state has reached a stage “where things can wait”. “Why are you worried if the state is doing good and if we have a good administration going on?” KCR shot back when a reporter asked about the next round of Cabinet expansion and the reasons for the undue delay.

KCR, a strong follower of Vastu, never attends to work at the Chief Minister’s Office in the secretariat but prefers to do it from his swanky official residence "Pragathi Bhavan" due “Vastu” reasons.

“What is wrong if I work from Pragathi Bhavan? You want the CM to work right, and I am working, there is no specified place for the CM to discharge his duties” KCR said making it clear that he would not go to the non-vastu compliant and "jinxed" secretariat even during his second term.

He is expected to attend the secretariat only after a new one is built at the Parade grounds in Secunderabad.

Meanwhile, the biggest yaga will be held from January 21 and 25 under the supervision of Sringeri Peetha. In all, three "yaga shalas" (thatched roof structures) and 27 "homa gundas” (pits) were created where 200 Ritwiks will be perform the yaga. The yaga will be performed mainly by Phani Shashanka Sharma and Gopikrishna Sharma of Sringeri peetha.