Kiran Bedi, MLA engage in verbal spat in public glare

Kiran Bedi, MLA engage in verbal spat in public glare

Lt Governor of Puducherry Kiran Bedi.

In a new low, Puducherry Lt Governor Kiran Bedi and AIADMK MLA Anbhazhagan were involved in a public spat in full media glare on Tuesday.

The spat broke out after Kiran Bedi allegedly issued instructions to switch off the microphone when Anbhazhagan was speaking at an event on Tuesday.

The spat, recorded on mobile phones, shows an angry Kiran Bedi asking the AIADMK legislator, who is also the party’s floor leader in the Assembly, to “please go and sit” after he continued with his speech despite repeated requests to finish due to a paucity of time.

An agitated Anbhazhagan is also seen shouting at Kiran Bedi in an equally angry tone. The MLA also refused to go back to his seat despite requests from minister Namasivayam. “Is this a government?” the MLA shouted at the minister seeking to know why his microphone was switched off.

Kiran Bedi was also engaged in a heated discussion with the MLA. Later, she said the MLA was not even scheduled to speak at the event but was given a chance since he insisted on speaking at the event to declare Puducherry to be Open Defecation free.

“Once the presentation programme was over he came to the mike and went on and on beyond reasonable time when there was a long programme to follow. But he rejected any such written slips/messages and scoffed at requests from the Cabinet ministers and me personally,” she said.

With all requests going unheeded, Kiran Bedi said she had to intervene. “He continued to be rude to everyone present there. Finally, after all that he wanted to say, he left in a huff. This is not the first time the MLA has done something like this. I have witnessed similar misbehaviour of his earlier too where he left in a huff when he asked to respect others time,” Kiran Bedi added.

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