Let us be lovers of nature: Modi

Let us be lovers of nature: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. PTI file photo

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday called upon the nation to come together to “protect and conserve” the Nature, saying the rising concerns due to excessive showers in some parts of the country and anxious wait for rains to begin in other parts are the results of “humankind choosing the path of conflict with the Nature.”

“The vastness and diversity of India, in fact, at times, even rains play hide and seek through partiality laced likes and dislikes. But why should we blame the rains! After all, it was humankind that chose the path of conflict with Nature and consequently earnt her periodic wrath,” he said during his Mann Ki Baat monthly radio programme.

The Prime Minister said that it was “collective responsibility” of the people to protect and conserve the Nature to avoid its “periodic wrath” in view of the changing climatic situations.

“Let us be lovers of Nature, protectors of Nature, conservers of Nature. And, thus, ensure spontaneous balance in her myriad bounty,” he added.

The Prime Minister highlighted the significance of teamwork as well as “patience and restraint” in a situation arising out of a natural disaster, citing as an example the rescue of a team of 12 teenaged football players and their coach from a cave in Thailand recently.

“All of them came together as a team to accomplish their mission. I feel the self-control exercised by each one of them in conduct is worth understanding and emulating. It is not that the parents were not aggrieved, it is not that the mothers’ eyes had ceased to be moist. Their patience, their restraint, in fact, the calm composure exercised by the entire society is commendable and worth following,’ he said.