Maharashtra House issues pass to 'Dawood'

Maharashtra House issues pass to 'Dawood'

In a major security lapse, the information and publicity department of the Maharashtra Legislature inadvertently fell prey to a media trap and allegedly issued an authorised media pass in the name of ''Dawood Ibrahim'' for covering the winter session of the Assembly. To make matters worse, the pass has security clearance stamp on the most-wanted fugitive’s photograph.

According to the local media in Nagpur, the media assembly coverage pass bearing number 2246 was issued on December 10, 2012, allegedly by the local information and publicity department. As per the procedure, passes are scrutinised by the security department as the temporary ID provides access to the gallery.

Even though officials at Nagpur have declined to comment on the goof-up, the news report has created ripples of embarrassment in the ruling Democratic Front alliance which is already in the eye of a storm on the White Paper on irrigation projects released earlier giving a clean chit to Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar.

In September, after being besieged by allegations of irregularities in the irrigation projects executed between 1999-2009, Ajit Pawar who held the water resources portfolio during the period resigned from the post of deputy chief minister, stating that he was unwilling to continue till he is exonerated. Subsequently, the state government directed the water resources department to prepare a White Paper on irrigation projects. In the first week of December, the government placed the White Paper that rationalised and justified cost escalation. Ajit Pawar was hastily sworn in on December 7 and re-anointed deputy chief minister.

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