28 pvt member bills introduced in Lok Sabha

28 pvt member bills introduced in Lok Sabha

The Lok Sabha during the Winter Session of Parliament, in New Delhi. (PTI Photo)

Measures to control the population and compulsory teaching of Vedic education were among the issues raised by members through 28 private member bills introduced in the Lok Sabha on Friday.

Other bills introduced include those related to welfare measures for opium growers, the prohibition of indecent advertisements and timely payment of dues to tea garden workers.

BJP member Ajay Bhatt introduced a bill to provide for "population control by the adoption of small family norms". He also introduced two other bills seeking amendments to the Constitution.

A bill for compulsory teaching of vedic education in academic institutions was brought by BJP's Satyapal Singh.

Another bill sought to "confer right to play sports on every child as enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and for matters connected therewith".

Earlier, proceedings of the House were delayed by more than five minutes in absence of a quorum.

The House was to convene at 3:30 pm but there were not enough members present. After the required number of people were there, the proceedings commenced at around 3:36 pm.

At least there should be 55 members in the House for the proceedings to begin.