Not voting for me will invite a 'divine curse': BJP MP

Not voting for me will invite a 'divine curse': BJP MP

Sakshi Maharaj

One may have heard of candidates seeking votes in the name of development and sometimes religion and caste but a saffron-clad BJP nominee has sought votes for an altogether different reason.

BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj, who is seeking re-election from Unnao Lok Sabha constituency in Uttar Pradesh, warned the electorate that they would invite a divine curse if they did not vote for him.

''Main ek sanyasi hoon aur apke ghar vote ki bheekh mangne aya hoon...agar apne mujhe vote nahi diya to main apke sare punya le jaoonga aur apne paap apko de jaoonga,'' (I am a saint and have come to your house to beg for votes...if you don't vote for me then I will take all your virtues and you will get all my sins), Sakshi Maharaj said while addressing a public meeting in Unnao on Thursday evening.

He said that whatever he was saying had been mentioned in religious books. ''You (voters) cannot turn me away...I am not asking for money or gifts...I only want your votes,'' he further added.

Congress candidate from Unnao Anu Tandon slammed the BJP nominee for his utterances and said that religious scriptures had not said anything like that. ''It is nothing but a political drama to garner votes,'' she said.

According to sources, the Election Commission (EC) has sought a report from the district administration in this regard.