Plea in HC seeks ban on slaughter of bulls, buffaloes

Plea in HC seeks prohibiting slaughter of bulls, buffaloes

Delhi High Court. (DH Photo)

A plea has been moved in the Delhi High Court seeking directions to the Centre to extend the ban on cow slaughter to include bulls, bullocks, and buffaloes.

The petition has contended that if there is a prohibition on the slaughter of cows, then its male counterpart and progeny should also be covered by the restriction.

It has contended that where other species like lions or peacocks are concerned, both males and females are protected from being killed and therefore, bulls and bullocks too should be protected from slaughter.

It has also claimed that bulls, bullocks, and buffaloes, after getting aged or outliving their usefulness as draught or milch animals, can still assist in agricultural and breeding activities.

The plea has contended that the dung and urine of these animals were also useful as fertiliser.

The petitioner has claimed that he had first moved the Supreme Court last year for the protection of bulls, bullocks, and buffaloes from slaughter, but the apex court had asked him to move the Delhi High Court. 

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