NSUI state vice president, followers join JCC(J)

NSUI state vice president, followers join JCC(J)

Former members of NSUI Chhattisgarh joining Ajit Jogi's party.

Jasmeet Sonu Sharma, National Students Union of India (NSUI) Chhattisgarh vice president, and around 1,000 NSUI cadre joined Janata Congress Chhattisgarh (Jogi) in presence of party supremo Ajit Jogi on Sunday.

Jasmeet said that unemployment is the biggest problem in the state, which is also seeing a rise in atrocities on women. The Congress has lost its vision to stand with the people due to which we left the party.

“I was astounded by the clarity of ideology of Ajit Jogi on the issues, like giving Rs 1 lakh to a newborn girl, ensuring employment to youth and others as per his manifesto,” he said. 

At the event, Ajit Jogi told reports: “We had sought to hold polling in three phases, one each in south, central and northern part of the state considering the geography and other factors. We welcome the decision of the election commission of India (ECI) and are prepared to go for polls.”

On issue of liquor, which jogi's party has been opposing, he said that the ECI would be requested to take back the power of liquor sale from government.