Pet dog abandoned for having 'illicit relationship'

Pet dog abandoned for having 'illicit relationship'

The 5-year-old abandoned female Pomeranian in Thiruvananthapuram. (Photo / Arjun Raghunath)

A Pomeranian, aged around five, has been abandoned by its owner with a note attached to it saying that the female dog is being abandoned owing to its "illicit relationship" with a neighbour dog.

The bizarre incident that happened in Kerala capital Thiruvananthapuram has triggered severe criticism against the owner for not understanding the pet's feelings.

A volunteer of the People for Animals (PFA) group is now taking care of the pet. Though efforts were made through the social media to trace its owners, only those willing to adopt it have turned up so far.

It was on Sunday that the PFA members got a call regarding a cute pet found abandoned in the city. PFA volunteer Shameem reached the spot and took it to his rescue shelter. Later he noticed a note on its collar chain. The note written in Malayalm said that the pet was not having any diseases and was a good breed. It was abandoned as it was found to be having "illicit relationship" with a neighbourhood dog. It was also well trained and had not bitten anyone over the last three days, said the note which also mentions the pet's diet details and habit.

Writer and social activist Sreedevi S Kartha posted the pet's picture on the social media seeking information about its owner. Many persons flayed the pet's owner for abandoning it without understanding the feelings of animals.

Sreedevi told DH that on seeing the post many persons contacted her. Most of them wanted to adopt the dog. However, since there was a chance for misusing the pet for breeding purpose with commercial motives, the PFA would be sterilising it before handing it to anyone, she said.