Respect for media to be inducted in Delhi Police curriculum

Respect for media to be inducted in Delhi Police curriculum

Respect for media to be inducted in Delhi Police curriculum
Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi today said that a subject on how to deal with media and respect them will be inducted into the curriculum for the fresh recruits in Delhi police.

Replying to a question related to an incident where a journalist was allegedly assaulted by a group of policemen amid riots in Trilokpuri area a few months back, Bassi said that the police must be taught to respect the media.

"New recruits are taught how to deal with media, but we have felt the need to also introduce a new course to make them understand the role of media in the society and to respect them," Bassi said while directing the concerned official responsible for police training to make arrangements for it.

Highlighting the importance of press, Bassi said that the press has always played a significant part in the country's progress.

"Many journalists who wrote during the independence struggle and during emergency had to go to jail. Their contribution can't just be let go. Their role in the independence of the country is also to be remembered and hence must be respected," he said.

Media is working well and their work is equally important for the society. Apart from them, all those who do not belong to the privileged class must feel safe and secure. Police must maintain a friendly relation with both the media persons and the citizens, he said.

In October this year, a reporter from a hindi daily was allegedly pushed and beaten up with batons by the policemen when he reached the riot-hit Trilokpuri area of the capital during the hours when prohibitory orders were lifted.

However the DCP of the area reached the spot and had asked the SHO to apologise to the reporter. The SHO was later suspended and an enquiry was set up against him.