RJD leader criticises PM for goof-up on Kabir

RJD leader criticises PM for goof-up on Kabir

Senior RJD leader Shivanand Tiwary on Friday criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for having reportedly stated at a function held in the memory of Sant Kabir that the medieval era mystic-poet "sat together" with Guru Nanak and Sant Gorakhnath though they were not contemporaries.

"In a video of Modi's speech at Maghar in Uttar Pradesh, where he attended a function held in the memory of Kabir on Thursday, he can be clearly heard saying this is the very place where Sant Kabir, Guru Nanak Dev and Sant Gorakhnath sat together and held discussions on spirituality," Tiwary told PTI.

"The prime minister should enlighten us as to how that could be possible. Gorakhnath was born in the 11th century, at lease four centuries before the birth of Sant Kabir. Guru Nanak was younger than Kabir by a few decades ... And their meeting is neither a historical fact nor a generally held belief," he said.

Tiwary said it is "high time" that Modi gave up his "penchant for inventing historical events".

"Given his stature now, he (Modi) should realize that such goof-ups on his part are an embarrassment to the entire country. If he feels such a strong urge to delve into history during his speeches, he should at least get the facts checked," the RJD leader said.

It would be better if the prime minister worked on his promises, which were turning out to be "empty talk".