RSS centre stage of Cong-BJP debate

RSS centre stage of Cong-BJP debate

Kamal Nath. PTI/FILE

Bhopal, DHNS: Two weeks before the polling in Madhya Pradesh, the BJP on Wednesday played another Hindutva card by equating RSS and the Hindus.

This came after a video that went viral on social media showing MP Congress chief Kamal Nath cautioning party workers to be wary of the RSS propaganda.

The BJP had earlier accused the Congress of promising to ban the RSS in its manifesto, while the Opposition had only said it will reinstate a ban on the Sangh's activities on government properties, which was implemented during the earlier Congress rule.

The ban was revoked by the Shivraj Singh government. 

In the video, Kamal Nath is purportedly saying: "RSS's only slogan is: if it is a Hindu vote, it has to be for the Hindu lion Modi; and if it is for Muslims, it is for the Congress."

"Those are the only two lines taught by the RSS and that is their strategy. You need to be careful because they will try to entangle you. We will deal with them (the RSS) later but till the election you have to be patient".

Reacting to the video, BJP spokesman Sambit Patra tweeted that the way Kamal Nath is talking is about "dealing with Hindus" and the RSS after the elections is condemnable.

In another tweet, Patra accused the Congress of badmouthing the Hindus in front of Muslims and Muslims in front of Hindus.

BJP state president Rakesh Singh said the Congress and its leaders target the RSS because it is a nationalist organisation.

Since the release of the Congress manifesto three days ago, the RSS has been at the centre of a verbal duel between the Congress and the BJP.

The Congress maintains that its manifesto does not talk of a blanket ban on the RSS in the state and that the allegation is being mischievously propagated by the BJP.