'India should support Afghan people, not previous govt'

'The war is over': Taliban urge India to support Afghan people, call on countries for help

The Taliban spokesperson called on countries to help Afghan people financially now that 'war is over'

Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen. Credit: Twitter/@suhailshaheen1

The Taliban has urged India to side with the people of Afghanistan and acknowledge their "intention for the liberation" of their country, and not favour the former US-backed government.

Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen told News18 in an interview that India can complete any unfinished development projects in Afghanistan and any positive gesture by the country will be reciprocated.

“What we were opposing was their siding with the former government. What we have wanted for the last 20 years is that countries, including India, should have a relation with the people of Afghanistan. It was our point and position and we have always said that no one should side with the puppet government,” Shaheen said.

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Refuting reports that some Indians were kidnapped and released later, the spokesperson said, “I do not align with the word kidnap. We had already issued a statement that we will provide proper arrangements for the functioning of embassies and diplomats. I know they had some problems with their documents and were stopped for a few hours.”

Shaheen called on the international community to help the people of Afghanistan, saying that the war is over and that chapter has been closed. “It is also their humanitarian compulsion to come forward to help the people of Afghanistan as 70 per cent are below the poverty line. Also, we have 20 years of war and bloodshed. We will appreciate their help immensely.”

Shaheen assured the international community that women’s rights will be protected and they will have access to education and work while following the rules of Islam. He also said the government will be formed soon.

He dismissed reports of door-to-door searches for workers of the former Afghan government, adding that "Our soldiers are investigating everything. The culprits will be brought to justice. Our policy has not changed and we have given a message to all to abide by that policy and if anyone violates that policy will be brought to justice".


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