We have no relations with the Trinamool: Maoists

"Our party does not have any open or undercover relations with Trinamool. If such illusions exist, it would be a task of our party to bring them out of it. When our stand is so clear, it is not at all proper to say as if we have relations with the party and as if we are justifying it," party general secretary Muppala Lakshmana Rao alias Ganapathy told reporters here.

In a detailed response on the alleged tie-up, he said since Banerjee has to come to power in West Bengal now, she was compelled to talk as if she was on the people's side.
"On some occasions even ruling classes may talk in the interest of the people.

They would take up some pro-people demands on some occasions for mobilizing the support of the people for votes. When such people talk in the interests of the people, we would examine them concretely," Ganapathy said, on the demand raised by Banerjee for a judicial inquiry into the killing of top Maoist Azad in a police shootout.

"For the past 15 years or more, severe clashes are going on between Trinamool and CPI(M). Sometimes, in some places, this is taking the form of armed clashes. The CPI (M) formed armed social fascist gangs like Harmad Bahini and is attacking Trinamool, Maoists, democrats and people to suppress them. Trinamool took up arms to fight CPI (M).

So, in order to fight back these attacks and to come to power in the next elections, it is natural for Mamata to speak some words to attract the people," the Maoist chief said.
The people and democrats would like to escape from "the tiger" (CPI-M) they were facing on the front, he said.

"For them the tiger in the front is more dangerous than the bear (Trinamool) which is at their back. But after they chase away the tiger they cannot escape the bear’s hug. Our party would continue to caution the people about this danger too. They would have to fight against the bear too. Unless the people get rid of these two menaces, any one of them would continue riding on their back," he said.

He also said there would not be any fundamental change in West Bengal even if Mamata came to power.

"Even if Mamata Banerjee comes to power, she would not seize the lands of landlords and distribute them among the poor peasantry. People will not have a chance to participate freely in the elections too. However, Trinamool will try hard to gain a tight grip over administration," he said.

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