69 Akola farmer groups sell produce worth Rs 8.5 cr

69 Akola farmer groups sell produce worth Rs 8.5 cr amid coronavirus lockdown

Farmers in Akola in Maharashtra used technology to sell produce worth Rs 8.50 crore during the lockdown in place for the novel coronavirus outbreak, a senior agriculture official said on Saturday.

The three-week-long nationwide lockdown started on March 25 and was extended on April 14 till May 3.

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"Helped by the state agriculture department and the Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA), 69 farmer groups in Akola took orders directly from customers and delivered vegetables, fruits worth Rs 8.50 crore since lockdown began," informed District Agriculture Superintendent Mohan Wagh.

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"They started sales at 93 places in urban areas and sold 850 tonnes of produce. Their mobile phones played a huge role," Wagh told PTI.

ATMA is part of the Centre's National Agricultural Technology Project and provides technical back-up and research to help farmers develop effective supply chains.