959 students caught allegedly copying in Gujarat

959 students caught allegedly copying in Gujarat

It came as a shock for the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB) when they pulled out exam papers of 959 students of 12th class that had 'ditto' answers and same mistakes, in the same sequence.

After closely scrutinizing the papers of the 959 students from examination centres from where such instances were reported. The body has withheld their results until 2020. They have also been failed in the subjects which they have allegedly cheated. reported Times of India.

"The board is planning to cancel examination centres at Amrapur (Gir-Somnath), Visanvel (Junagadh) and Prachi-Pipla (Gir-Somnath) for the class 12th general stream." an official of GSHSEB told TOI.

The report claimed that the students told the committee that the answers were dictated by the teachers at the exam centres.

Shockingly, this has been the first instance of mass copying of 12th standard general stream examination in the GSHSEB.